The Hope Of God,

My Vision of Creation


Written By: theh2787 - Jan• 15•12

Welcome to my book about Life & Death, Hope & Prayer, Beauty & Love, and You & Me.  The Hope of God, My Vision of Creation by Ernest Elton Fenton.

My book had its beginning eight years ago when I sat with our son, John as he was going through the painful death from stomach cancer. The long silent hours stretched as I searched for some way to bring up God and death. I knew that John believed in God, but we had no path to talk and walk. How was I, who seemingly had future years, going to relate to one who had only a few months to live. I was not prepared to help my son, and I so wanted to provide some comforting thoughts as father and son. But, I could not.

After four months of searching within the silence of his room, I decided to put my thoughts in writing. Three days before his death I presented a rough outline of my vision. He made a few changes and stated that it represented his view of God and Creation. John was my first copy-editor.

During this past eight years I have attempted to put my vision in writing. The book Preface somewhat describes my writing venture.

I sketched a vision from what I see,
And included scenes of what might be.
I shaded tones of grays from what I hear,
That gave dimension as scenarios appear.
I added rainbows of color from what I feel,
Highlighted with hues of hope for what may be real.
And then wrote this book about Life & Death,
Hope & Prayer, Beauty & Love, and You & Me.

I have run the course and have no more words to add.

I dedicate my vision to you, each and everyone;
Children of God, my brothers and my sisters.

It is my prayer that you will find some words that make life better for you with hope for what is unseen.